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Gulf Charters Thailand offers a range of yacht charter products based on the Bareboat concept, with some added options. As with traditional Bareboat yacht charter you can rent our yachts and have the freedom to plan out your own itinerary and do as you please. However, to add a degree of flexibility you can choose to take a Crew or Skipper with you for a day, week or for how ever long you like.

Skippered private & share boat holidays

For those who would like to give sailing a try or those who sail and just want to relax, we offer our larger catamarans, 45 to 55ft with skipper crew and cook, full board for private charter. We also offer scheduled share boat and singles cruises. See our dedicated skippered charter page via the link below for more details.

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Bareboat, the ultimate escape...

Bareboating is the ultimate escape for the more experienced sailor; you have total freedom to do as you wish in complete privacy. Choose your yacht and cruise at your leisure, set anchor in some of the world's most incredible tropical island settings.

Our bareboat yachts are built and fitted by the world's leading manufacturers and impeccably maintained. All come fully equipped with domestic essentials, as well as safety and navigational equipment suitable for coastal cruising.

When you make your booking with Gulf Charters your will receive a pre-charter pack that will allow you to plan your trip before you arrive. When you arrive, your charter coordinator will provide you with a complete briefing on the yacht and the cruising grounds and be there through-out your holiday to assist you.

Whilst we will always try to help on location, you should be confident of your ability to sail your yacht on your own for the duration of your charter. Throughout the duration of your charter You remain responsible for safe operation of your yacht and tender.

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Bareboat plus crew, taking it easy...

If you're short handed or simply would like to have someone along that knows the area and the boat, you can hire a Gulf Charters Crew (Crew needs own bunk) to assist you with running the boat and dealing with local issues. This makes life on board a little easier, and allows you to lay back and take it easy and gives you the freedom to stay onshore if you find that perfect spot.

As with bareboating, you are the Captain so you maintain complete freedom to go where you like and do as please. Whilst your crew will always try to help, you should be confident of your ability to sail your yacht for the duration of your charter. Throughout the duration of your charter You remain responsible for safe operation of your yacht and tender.

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Bareboat Plus Skipper...

If you're new to sailing or you'd just simply like to have someone to take the helm, then Gulf Charters Thailand can provide an experienced local Skipper for a portion or the full duration of your charter (Skipper needs own bunk). With a Skipper aboard you’re fee to stay in one of the many remote beachside resorts for the night if you chose and have the yacht standing by for you the next day to take you off to the next island.

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Flotilla sailing...

Each year Gulf Charters Thailand offers several Flotilla sailing events. To join a Flotilla you can either take a cabin on one of our Join-in yachts or charter a yacht all to yourself. Flotilla sailing is designed to bring together a broad cross section of sailing enthusiasts, it offers to those that are not yet ready to cruise alone the chance to captain their own vessel with the comfort of having support near by, to the seasoned cruiser it offers the comradery at evening parties and a fast track to all the very best locations.

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Regatta Charter...

Gulf Charters Thailand offers yachts for charter to participate the two major international regattas in the region; The Top of The Gulf regatta located at Ocean Marina in Pattaya held in May and the Koh Samui Regatta held in June.

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Mile buiders...

There’s nothing like sea miles to build confidence and gain experience so Gulf Charters Thailand offers you the opportunity to join in on one of the many deliveries we do between Pattaya, Koh Chang and Koh Samui.

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We Welcome Competent NauticEd
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Tom Puchners underwater Ko chang
Another of Tom Puchner's Koh Chang underwater photo collection.
Ang Thong Marine Park
Another shot from Marc at the very top of Ang Thong Lookout.
Ko Mak Massage
Nothing like a good massage after a hard days cruising; Koh Kut Natural Beach Resort.
Ao Yai Koh Koot
Koh Kut, Ao Yai fishing village and their version of Seven Eleven.
speckled Langur
The cute and pleasantly shy speckled Langur, Koh Samui cruising grounds.
Koh Koot waterfall
Nothing like a dip in cool clear fresh water after a few days cruising, Koh Kut.