Frequently asked questions.

Please send us an email...

We would love to hear from you so please, if you would like an answer to a question please feel free to send us an email, generally we will get back to you within 12 hours. We have heaps of information, we love our cruising area and love our job and have heaps of local knowledge that we love to pass on. Send an email here >>

Will we need to fight for an anchorage!!

No, definitely not, Gulf Charters started its charter operation on Ko in 2004, prior to that there were no charter yachts and only three or for local privately owned yachts. To date that hasn’t changed much and we guarantee that you will be anchor at any anchorage you choose and that you’ll be lucky to see another yacht when you get there.

Can we eat ashore?

Sure can, if you really wanted to you could plan your trip so that you eat every meal ashore. That’s not to say the islands are lined with resorts and restaurants, by no means. We recommend that you provision for breakfast and lunch, take something for an evening meal or two then eat ashore for the rest of you time, there are some absolutely beautiful resorts and restaurants, they’ll let you use their facilities, shower etc and are very friendly.

What's the local food like?

Yum yum yum...

How much money will I spend for meals?

Generally a meal for two people at a high end restaurant will cost 400 baht (10 Euro) excluding alcohol. Beer is cheep at around 45 baht (1 Euro) per small bottle but wine can be expensive, a reasonable bottle will go for around 1000 baht (20 Euro).

If you want to do it cheap you certainly can, meals at noodle stalls etc can be had for less than 1 Euro.

What’s the best beer?

Chang beer gets our vote; it is strong though at around 7% alcohol.

Is there any night life?

The center of Ko Changs main tourist area, Whitesands beach, offers a menagerie of bars, restaurants, and a few late night clubs that are pretty lively.

Once you move off Ko Chang the night life is chilling out at small beach bars, restaurants and star gazing.

What time does the charter start and finish?

Your charter starts at 3:00pm on the first day of your charter and finishes on at 9:00am on the eighth day of your charter. We can be flexible with these times so long as we do not have any back to back bookings and the person doing your briefing will be able to let you know.

How long does the briefing take?

We generally start with an area briefing and this takes around an hour, depending on how much homework you’ve done. The yacht briefing will take around 40 minutes so all in all we need around two hours to get you off the dock.

What other fees and costs are there?

Once you have paid for your yacht charter, provisions and any crew options the only other fee is for fuel that you have used during your sailing holiday. The Gulf Charters staff will top up you tanks and charge you for what you have used. Generally for a one week charter you can expect to pay somewhere between 30 to 70 Euro for fuel.

Are the yachts insured?

Yes, Gulf Charters maintains a fleet policy with QBE insurance company.

What is the security deposit for?

Gulf Charters holds a 40,000 baht security deposit, this covers and loss or damage up to that amount. If there is loss or damage beyond this amount Gulf Charters will withhold the security deposit and will make a claim with the insurance provider.

What is the yacht equipped with?

Gulf Charters Thailand prides itself on maintaining quality equipment on its yachts, we believe our galley equipment and cabin linens is second to none. For a more details see our yacht equipment page here >>

How many people can we have on the yacht.

Typically we allow as many people on the yacht as there are berths, we can make exceptions and suggest that you discuss it directly with person you are in contact with at Gulf Charters.

What about snorkeling and fishing gear

There was a time when we offered this for free, however, we now offer this equipment for a very modest rental fee, this allows us to maintain quality equipment in good condition…. and the deposit has worked well to ensure the equipments return....

The cost for adjustable fins, mask and snorkel set is 500 baht for the duration of your charter, there is a 500 baht refundable deposit. Fishing gear available on request.

What can we do before or after our Yacht Charter

Thailand is full of wonderful places to visit, be it the sprawling city of Angels and markets in Bangkok to mountain trekking in the north. Our Ko Chang base is located near the Cambodian border and trips to Angor Wat can be arranged either overland or by air.

We have several preferred tour operators and we would be happy to work with you to put together a holiday personalize to what ever you tastes are.

Ao Yai Koh Koot
Koh Kut, Ao Yai fishing village and their version of Seven Eleven.
Gulf Charters yacht racing team
The Gulf Charters Thailand Platu Racing Team, racing at the Platu Nationals, Pattaya.
Ao Salat restaurant
Superb little seafood restaurant at Ao Salat fishing village on Koh Koot
Ang Thong Marine Park
From the lookout at the Ang Thong Marine Park in the Ko Samui cruising grounds
Waterfall Koh Phangan
River bed hoping at the waterfall at Hat Nam Tok, Ko Phangan.
Gulf Charters Thailand has a long and winding history, this beautiful 100 year old schooner has a loving place in it.