Galley's that we're proud of...

Galley Equipment

Gulf Charters Thailand takes great pride in equipping its yachts with everything you might need in your galley and of excellent quality. Our plates and cutlery would not look out of place in a nice restaurant and from proper coffee cups to cheese graters, garlic presses and fresh coffee brewing our galleys have everything you might want and its all sparkling clean when you arrive.

The owners of the Gulf Charters fleet sail their yachts regularly, as do the management and staff at Gulf Charters, so we’re in touch with the condition of our yachts as only a small company can be. We like to think that our yachts are equipped with everything we would have if it were our own private yacht.

The list below details the standard galley inventory that each yacht is equipped with, please feel free to ask your Charter Coordinator if there is something specific you would like to have that is not on this list and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

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