Planning your provisions

Provisioning options

Pre purchased

Gulf Charters Thailand can do your provisioning for you, we'll have it all loaded on to your charter yacht, cold goods in the refrigerator and dinks on ice for you when you arrive.

You can request the list of available goods from your Charter Coordinator or download it from our downloads page.

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Doing your provisioning yourself.

If Gulf Charters is arranging your transfer to the base, depending on the time of your arrival we can arrange for the driver to make a detour and take you to all the relevant shops. Please note that the shops are on the opposite side of the island to the Gulf Charters base so you will need to allow an extra hour or two for this task.

If you plan to come to our base first then make a provisioning trip we can arrange a taxi for you however, the round trip allowing an hour for shopping will take you at least three hours.

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Planning your meals aboard

Eating ashore

If you stick to the major anchorages you cold if you wish take every meal ashore, however, this would limit you somewhat to just those destinations. Similarly, if you prepare every meal on your charter yacht you would be missing out on some excellent Thai cuisine and fun and friendly restaurants.

We recommend that you plan for at least one dinner aboard your yacht, this gives you the opportunity to drop anchor at one of the many deserted bays for the night, which you'll have all to your self.

Going ashore for breakfast is doable however, be aware that many of the island resorts consider an early morning to be 9:00am, so if you prefer to get off to an early start then provision with the breakfast aboard most mornings in mind.

Lunch very much depends on your planning, note that there are no moorings in these cruising areas so each stop will include the need to set anchor and take your dinghy ashore, again we would normally provision with the intention of having most lunches aboard.

Buying food once you leave the dock.

It is possible to purchase seafood from the local fisherman, however, this may not always be possible and it very much depends on the time of day, typically you need to catch them in the morning before they head to the market to sell the nights catch.

In the Koh Chang Archipelago Koh Chang is the only island with anything like a supermarket. In the Cruising area of Koh Samui you will find reasonable supplies beyond the island of Samui at both Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Beyond these main islands you can pick up basics and most fresh items such as fruit, meat, and vegetables however, finding things like fresh bread, fresh coffee, cheese etc is unlikely.

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Hat Rin beach Koh Phangan
The famous or infamous Hat Rin Beach on Koh Phangan, home to the original full moon party
Hat Rin beach Koh Phangan
The bars on Hat Rin getting ready for the night, yep the drinks are served in buckets!!
Hat Rin beach Koh Phangan
Local water taxi operating from beach to beach along the coast of Kok Phangan.