Ko Chang Songkran Flotilla, April 2011

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  • Crystal clear water
  • Quiet secluded anchorages
  • White sandy beaches
  • Tropical island resorts
  • Beach banquets each night

Four day cruise in one of the most beautiful and unexplored cruising grounds in Thailand...

The Ko Chang and Ko Kut Archipelago has so much to offer the cruising yachtsman yet it remains largely unexplored. With fair winds and protected waters the area offers great sailing conditions. Good anchorages are abundant, anchor off uninhabited beaches or off one the exclusive secluded beach resorts and restaurants. Our favorite are the bays of Ko Kut where you can take a dinghy ride up the mangrove lined river estuaries, park and take a short walk to a spectacular freshwater waterfall to freshen up.

The Songkran Flotilla is designed to bring together a broad cross section of sailing enthusiasts, it offers to those that are not yet ready to cruise alone the chance to captain their own vessel with the comfort of having support near by. To the seasoned cruiser, it offers the comradery at evening parties and a fast track to all the very best locations.

This year in Conjunction with the Ocean Marina Yacht Racing Group Gulf Charters is incorporating a nonstop 130nm race from Ocean Marina in Pattaya to Ao salakphet in Koh Chang. For more information see the OMYC racing group website here or send us an email.

Itinerary summary

(see below for detailed itinerary)
  • Tuesday evening 12th of April, Ko Chang GCT base.
  • Wednesday 13th; Ko Mak, north western bay.
  • Thursday 14th; Ko Kut, Ao Yai fishing village.
  • Friday 15th; Ko Kut, Captain Hooks Resort.
  • Saturday 16th; Return to Ko Chang GCT base.


Flotilla Ticket Price (3400/1700 baht per person)

Whether you are joining the Flotilla in a Gulf Charters yacht or you are joining us in your own yacht the ticket price for the Flotilla is 3400 baht per adult and 1700 baht per child (under 15 years). This price includes evening meals and on the water support throughout the cruise.

Yacht Charter Rates

The table below lists the available yachts and the respective charter rate. This rental fee provides you access to the yacht from 4:00pm on tuesday the 12th through to 10:00 am on Sunday the 17th of April. These rates represent the bareboat rental fee and do not include the Flotilla Ticket price or captain and crew.

Join in yachts

Gulf Charters will offer several yachts on a join in basis where you can purchase a room on yacht and the yacht has a Gulf Charters captain. We will select the yacht as we get inquires so please Contact us for details.


Gulf Charters will provide an optional provisioning pack menu for on board meals and drinks. All items will be loaded and stored on your yacht prior to your arrival.

Getting to Gulf Charters at Ko Chang

Flying from Bangkok:

Bangkok airways operate three flights per day to Trat. Gulf Charters can book a taxi service for you to get you to and from the Gulf Charters Ko Chang base in Ao Salakpet.

Driving from Bangkok:

Take the turn-off just before Trat to Lam Ngop and follow signs to Ferry Ko Chang located at Ao Thamachat. Take a left out off the ferry terminal at Ko Chang and head to Ao Salakpet. See map.

Overview of the event

Tuesday the 12th of April

Gulf Charters will kick off the event with a low key BBQ on Sunday night at our base in Ko Chang. People chartering a yacht have access to it on Sunday and are welcome to sleep aboard. Alternatively you can rent a room at Island View Resort for 1000 baht per night, the rooms are air conditioned and have two single beds.

Wednesday the 13th of April

The first day of the flotilla usually starts off at a leisurely pace, some will still be arriving, doing boat briefing etc. We generally head out around lunch time for the sail across to Ko Mak via Ko Rang for some snorkeling. The first party will be on the beach in the northeastern bay, a BBQ around the the pool at the new very chilled Ko Mak Sabai bar.

Thursday the 14th of April

Already briefed on the days activities the night before, you are welcome to head out on the journey to Ao Yai on the south eastern end of Ko Kut. Gulf Charters will do their normal ice run and take any rubbish you need to dispose of. The nights festivities will be in on the fishing village pier, this being one the highlights of the trip. This sleepy little fishing village rarely see foreigners never mind a fleet of yachts and they take their opportunity to host this event very seriously. If you are a seafood lover be prepared for something special as the ladies of the village will make sure this is a memorable feast.

Friday the 15th of April

At this point we always notice the difference in our guests, everyone look to be getting into the swing of things and enjoying the slower pace of Island life and cruising lifestyle. Our favorite thing to do on this day is to drop anchor and visit one of the waterfalls on the way to Captain Hooks resort. Captain hooks is spectacular, located in a picture perfect tropical island setting, coconut tree lined white sandy beach and for those that like to be pampered the resort offers Thai massage in coolness of the shade of the ferns, and yes yet another spectacular buffet dinner at the sunset viewing platform over looking the beach and nearby islands.

Saturday the 16th of April

Well all things must come to an end I'm afraid, Friday we cruise back to Ko Chang, at a leisurely pace and we aim to arrive on the dock for 2:00pm, just enough time for those that need to catch the list flight out that day.

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