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Getting to Pattaya

The Gulf Charters Thailand base is located at Ocean Marina at Jomthien beach which is around 20kms south of Pattaya and 120km south east of Bangkok. The Marine faculties include a hotel, several restaurants and bars, budget bungalow accommodation, Gym, swimming pools and just about everything you could imagine.

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By Air, Bangkok

If your are coming from outside the county the best way to get to our Pattaya base is to fly to Bangkok airport. From the airport there are many modes of transport to select from, from pubic busses to private limousines. The road to Pattaya is a major highway and in good condition, the journey should take no more than one and half hours.

If you do take a bus to Pattaya you will need to arrange a taxi from the bus station some 20kms further south to the Marina, most taxi drivers will know the marina’s location.

By Air U-Tapao (Pattaya Airport)

Bangkok airways operates flights from both Koh Samui and Phuket in to the Air Force airport located at Sattahip just 20kms south of Ocean marina. This is an international airport and at varying times of the year some airlines operate flights directly to this airport from outside of Thailand.

By Road

The journey from Bangkok can be made by car, the roads are major highways and in good condition. There are many options in terms of road transport, ranging from public buss to private limousines and depending on your choice the trip should take between one and two hours.

If you take public transport then you will need to arrange a taxi from the buss terminal to the marina some 20kms south, most taxi drivers know the location of the marina.

Staying in Pattaya

Pattaya is large sprawling city with literally thousands of accommodation options from five start to no star, best check your favorite accommodation web site to fine the best deals.

If you plan to stay at Ocean Marina then you may book with your Charter Coordinator and receive preferential rates.

Planning your cruise

Be sure to check out our cursing area page for extensive cruising information, but for planning purposes the following information may be useful.


There are several ways to stock your yacht with all things you might like to have on board and given the importance of this topic we have created a dedicate page to assist you with this task. However, for planning purposes there are several major shopping centers in Pattaya including Carrefour and Lotus Tesco, if you plan to do your won provisioning you should allow at least two to three hours to do so.

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When you arrive at Ocean Marina you will find the Gulf Charters office directly opposite to the main entrance of the hotel (36 story building therefore easy to spot).

There is a loading zone at the front of our office so you park there and call in to our office, your Charter Coordinator will be there to meet you and arrange for staff to help you load you yacht. Once you’ve unloaded your car you will need to park your car in the free long term undercover car par at the marina.

Briefing, formalities and payment.

Your Charter Coordinator will conduct your yacht and area briefing; generally this will take around 2 hours. You will be required to sign off your charter contract and to fill in the credit card release for the security deposit. If you have used the Gulf Charters provisioning service then you’ll need to pay for the provisions with cash before you depart.

Leaving the dock

To reach the first anchorage you will need at least 2 hours, which means you really need to have completed everything dockside by 3:30pm to be able to leave the dock and make it to anchor before sunset.

Staying aboard at the dock

If you are unable to conclude the dockside formalities in time to get under way you may sleep aboard your yacht at the marina or you can leave your yacht and stay ashore and get underway first thing in the morning.

Returning and departure

When you return to the base at the end of your charter your Charter Coordinator will meet you for the debriefing, this generally takes a half hour or so. The Gulf Charters Thailand staff will refuel the yacht and you will be required to pay for the fuel you have used in cash, amounts generally run at between 2000 to 3000 baht depending on the yacht and duration of your charter, they will also assist you with you baggage and see you off to your taxi.

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Yacht charter Pattaya
Heading to the beach at Koh Pai
Pattaya yachting
View across Ocean Marina
Ko Chang Ao Salakpet
Big sky, from our base at Ko Chang, taken by Royal Siam View Photographer.
Snorkeling at Ko Pai
Snorkeling at Ko Pai.
Ang Thong Marine Park
View over the Ang Thing Marina Park, Samui cruising grounds
Ko Kham Resort, off Ko Mak
Ko Kham Resort, "I just did not want leave", said Dave Fosset, UK.
Ko Kham Resort, swing foreground
Ko Kham Resort, "... nor did my family, we all loved the Prout 39ft", said Dave Fosset, UK.