Trip planning: Ko Chang

  • Getting to Koh Chang
  • Finding our base at Salakpet
  • Planning your cruise
  • Provisioning
  • Arrival and departure

Getting to Ko Chang

Ko Chang is located approximately 350kms south east of Bangkok in Trat province, which lies on the Thai Cambodian boarder. There is a car ferry service that operates between the island and the mainland from 7:00am to 7:00pm departing every 40 minutes or so on the 30 minute voyage.

By Air

Bangkok Airways operates three flights per day to and from Bangkok International airport and Trat airport and all flights get you to the ferry terminal in time to catch the ferry.

By Road

The journey from Bangkok can be made by car, the roads are major highways and are in good condition, however you should allow 5 hours to reach the ferry terminal and make sure you have plenty of time to reach the ferry terminal before the last ferry.

Staying in Trat

The town of Trat is not really on the tourist trail and although there are several hotels and guest houses, staying in Trat is not really the best way to start your holiday... one night in Bangkok may be a better bet. If you're having difficulty with flights and transfers please do mention this to your Gulf Charters Coordinator to get the most up to date info and options.

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Getting to the Ko Chang base.

The Gulf Charters Thailand base in Ko Chang is located in the sleepy little fishing village of Salakpet on the south east side of the island, far away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist area of Whitesands beach on the west side of the island... well 45kms anyway and although most of the taxi drivers know of Salakpet bay they may be reluctant to make the journey as the chance of a return fare is virtually none existent.

If we arrange transfers for you our minivan driver will meet you at the airport and board the ferry with you then once you reach the island drive you on to our base in Salakpet Bay or you could make a detour to pick up some provisions then on to our base.

If you plan to arrange your own transport be sure to make arrangements for your driver to board the ferry rather than drop you at the ferry terminal on the mainland side which would leave you to hand carry all your belongings on to the ferry by yourself and to negotiate the taxi ride from the island side ferry terminal to our base in Salakpet.

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Planning your cruise

Be sure to check out our cruising area page for extensive cruising information, but for planning your arrival and departure the following information may be useful.


There are several ways to stock your yacht with all the things you might like to have on board and given the importance of this topic we have created a dedicated page to assist you with this task. However, for planning purposes keep in mind that most of the islands have resorts and restaurants serving up the very best that Thai cuisine has to offer. You can if you wish eat ashore each night and avoid cooking dinner aboard altogether. If you plan to do your provisioning yourself best to discuss it with your Charter Coordinator, to reach the shops from the Ko Chang base takes around an hour and you will need to visit several shops so allow at least a half a day if you plan to do this after you have arrived at our base. Depending on arrival times we can sometimes arrange for the transfer to our base to take a detour so you can provision on the way.

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When you arrive at our base we will meet you at your taxi at the car park of Salakpet Seafood and Resort and assist with your baggage and loading of your yacht. If you have purchased your provisions along the way allow approximately 1 hour to get everything stowed away and ship shape. The refrigerator will be chilled and there will be drinking ice aboard when you arrive.

Briefing, formalities and payment.

Your Charter Coordinator will conduct your yacht and area briefing; generally this will take around 2 hours. You will be required to sign off your charter contract and to fill in the credit card release for the security deposit. If you have used the Gulf Charters provisioning service then you’ll need to pay for the provisions with cash before you depart, note that Gulf Charters does not have a credit card facility at the base.

Getting under way

To reach the first anchorage you will need at least 2 hours, which means you really need to have completed everything dockside by 3:30pm to be able to leave the dock and make it to anchor before sunset.

Staying on the dock

If you are unable to conclude the dockside formalities in time to get under way you may sleep aboard your yacht at the dock or we can move you to a mooring for a little more privacy. Gulf Charters Thailand is located on the pier of Island View Resort and you can take a room for the night there if you prefer to and depart first thing the following day.

Returning and departure

When you return to the base at the end of your charter your Charter Coordinator will meet you for the debriefing, this generally takes a half hour or so. The Gulf Charters Thailand staff will refuel the yacht and you will be required to pay for the fuel you have used in cash, amounts generally run at between 2000 to 3000 baht depending on the yacht and duration of your charter, they will also assist you with your baggage and see you off to your taxi.

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Only Tom Puchner would know what this is, but hey it looks great. Tom is the proud owner of our Wharram 52ft Catamaran and Marine biology teacher, takes great photo's in his spare time.
Ko Chang Flotilla
Sent to us by Captain John after one of his many trips through the Ko Chang Archipelago
Ko Chang Ao Salakpet
Big sky, from our base at Ko Chang, taken by Royal Siam View Photographer.
Ko Mak resort
Also from Capt John, great shot of one of the man hidden waterfalls in Ko Kut.
Ko Mak, things to do
Ko Mak Resort Restaurant, excellent fresh seafood, sent by "French John".
Ko Kham Resort, off Ko Mak
Ko Kham Resort, "I just did not want leave", said Dave Fosset, UK.
Ko Kham Resort, swing foreground
Ko Kham Resort, "... nor did my family, we all loved the Prout 39ft", said Dave Fosset, UK.
Ko Kham Resort, swing foreground
Heading in to Bang Bao at the south west end of Koh Chang to do a bit of shopping before heading home