Pattaya weather and sailing conditions

Geat year round sailing conditions

Once again Pattaya exceeds expectations; branded as a wild party town, great sailing conditions is not what springs to mind when the city of Pattaya enters any conversation, but as a sailor with close access to this cruising ground, if you've not yet ventured out you're missing out on something special, not to mention the fact that you have access to all the comforts of a world class marina as a base.

Pattaya is host to the Top of the Gulf Regatta, one of the regions major sailing events and boasts one of the most active yacht racing communities in the region. The Gulf Charters Thailand team is a founding member of this vibrant yachting community and in over five years of yacht racing there has only been three race days cancelled due to poor sailing conditions.

Sailing conditions throughout both the northeast monsoon and the southwest monsoon remain favorably predicable with good solid winds and plenty of safe, secure and picturesque anchorages.

From November through February expect solid winds from the north east from 10 to 25knots with a somewhat hazy horizon. From March to May expect lighter winds from the northeast or if the prevailing winds give out expect a solid sea breeze anywhere from east to west to carry home nicely.

The southwest monsoon arrives late April and brings with it solid winds from, surprise surprise the southwest. These southwest winds are solid and reliable and rarely deliver a poor sailing day; furthermore, they are in through to the month of October.

All in all, Pattaya is not your dream holiday yacht charter destination, but if you live locally and long for a few days sailing then the weather here is ready to support your endeavor... we doubt you be disappointed.

The Synoptic chart below and the Buoy Weather forecast tool to the left should give you a good indication of what the weather is like now.

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