Ko Chang weather and sailing conditions

Geat sailing conditions

The sailing season in the Ko Chang Archipelago starts in November to coincide with the start of the northeast monsoon and ends mid April, which marks the change and the beginning of the southwest monsoon. With the winds to the north all the very best anchorages are in the lee and provide comfort and tranquility.

Generally, the northeast winds are strongest in the early part of the season from November to mid January ranging from 15 to 25knots and the climate is cooler with daytime temperatures ranging from 27C in the day to 20C during the night.

From mid January onwards the temperature rises and the winds become less predictable ranging from 10 to 15knots. However, there are very few days were there is no sailing wind and in the latter part of the season we often get a westerly sea breeze providing a beam reach the full length of the archipelago.

Throughout the season the sailing conditions remain good, the weather is warm and tropical and there is little chance of rain, if any, it would be towards the end of the season and even then, it would be scattered squalls as apposed to hours of rain.

All in all this is a great place to sail, conditions are not so challenging that your crew will be hanging on white-knuckled to the rail, but sufficiently so to allow you to sit back and indulge in the art of sailing.

The Synoptic chart below and the Buoy Weather forecast tool to the left should give you a good indication of what the weather is like now.

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