Cruising the Ko Chang Archipelago

  • Over 50 islands to explore
  • Pristine white sand beaches
  • Crystal turquoise water
  • Warm barmy tropical climate
  • Almost all to yourself

Overview of the area

The Ko Chang archipelago is a must see cruising ground, it’s 52 islands combine a balmy tropical climate with the lovely temperament of the Thai people, deserted long white sandy palm tree lined beaches, secluded anchorages and a scattering of restaurants and resorts offering up the very best that the Thai cuisine has to offer.

If snorkeling is your thing you’ll find living coral reef at most anchorages and an abundance of marine life and for a deeper look, diving can be arranged with local operators.

Beyond the abundant beaches, resorts and tropical rainforest walks, the area is of historical significance, situated in what was once named the Gulf of Siam and bordering Cambodia there remains influence of the Chinese traders of old and stories of piracy, the Japanese occupation during the second world war, the French occupation of Indochina or Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam combined. A little bit of research before you arrive will provide you with an endless opportunity to explore the islands beyond the shore line.

As of this writing there is a total of 20 yachts frequenting the area so you can be sure that there will be no jostling for moorings, often times you’ll have your anchorage all to yourself, a yacht entering a bay is still something that people take photo’s of and fishing boats still stand and wave as you pass by.

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